Alimentos e Nutrição Araraquara, Vol. 24, No 4 (2013)

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Desenvolvimento e avaliação tecnológica, sensorial e físicoquímica de produto cárneo, tipo hambúrguer, com substituição de gordura por farinha desengordurada de gergelim
Development and technological, sensory and chemical-physical evaluation of

Luana Silvania Mendes MELO, Maria Teresa Pedrosa Silva CLERICI


Introduction: Nowadays there is an increase of obesity among Brazilians, which demonstrates the need for more healthful low-fat products. Beef burgers participate in the eating habits of large populations due to its easy preparation and sensory characteristics.Objective: This study aimed to develop a meat product, type beef burgers, with substitution of animal fat by defatted sesame flour (DSF) in proportions of 0.0% (F0), 6.5% (F1), 13.0% (F2) and 20.0% (F3).Material and methods: After preparation and molding of the beef burgers, the samples were frozen and then subjected to physical, chemical, sensory acceptability (appearance, flavor, texture, colour) and purchasing intent evaluation. The results were evaluated by analysis of variance and multiple comparison of average by Tukey's test (p < 0.05). Results: Beef burgers containing DSF showed increase of 28% in yield and decrease in diameter reduction from 29% in comparison with control (F0). The affective preference test, F1 and F2 presented values equal to like regularly (around 7), and obtained 4 (possibly buy) in the test of intent to purchase, and they did not differ from the control (F0). In F2 was possible to reduce the fat by 32%, showing that the product can be considered as low-fat and a fiber source as it showed 4.21% of total dietary fiber.Conclusion: The use of up to 13% of defatted sesame flour as a fat substitute in meat products can provide more healthy features to these products.

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